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Are You Eligible For A Pardon?

Last updated on February 3, 2021

Employment opportunities are scarce in the current economy. A shoplifting or retail theft conviction that is decades old may impede on your ability to obtain a professional license. While outdated, a DUI/DWI conviction may still impair your ability to obtain certain jobs. A conviction of any kind — regardless of how old — can be all it takes for a prospective employer to remove your résumé from the pile. However, a conviction does not have to keep driving your future. You may be eligible for a pardon from the governor of Pennsylvania.

At Steven L. Breit, Attorney at Law, we have extensive experience assisting clients in obtaining expungements and pardons so that they can get their lives back in order without the burden of a prior mistake.

Do You Have Questions About The Pardon Process? We Have Answers.

If you have been convicted of a crime, you are not eligible to have your criminal record sealed through expungement. However,  Attorney Steven L. Breit can request that the criminal conviction be removed from your record through a petition for clemency (application requesting a pardon).

  • Petition for Clemency. The process begins with preparing and submitting a petition for clemency to the Board of Pardons for review. It takes a thorough, well-prepared petition for clemency for the case to advance in the process of obtaining a pardon.
  • Review by the Board of Pardons. The Board of Pardons reviews the petition for clemency and makes a decision as to whether to grant a public hearing to address to petition. It is vital that the petition is prepared properly in order to further the petition to the public hearing before the Board of Pardons.
  • Board of Pardons Hearing. Appearing before the Board of Pardons is your opportunity to present your case of why a pardon should be granted. You will be subjected to a series of questions by the Board of Pardons after which the Board will vote whether to make a favorable or unfavorable recommendation to the lieutenant governor.
  • Favorable Recommendation for a Pardon. If the Board of Pardons makes a favorable recommendation to the lieutenant governor, the lieutenant governor will then request that the governor grant the pardon.

While pardons are liberally granted to individuals who are over the age of 70 and meet certain crime-free criteria, individuals under the age of 70 may also be eligible for a pardon.

Attorney Breit understands the vital importance of having a properly prepared petition for clemency and in being thoroughly prepared for what to expect in the public hearing before the Board of Pardons. He can provide the experienced counsel you need throughout the entire process.

At Steven L. Breit, Attorney at Law, we understand how a conviction can hold you back and affect every aspect of your life, from your employment opportunities and occupational licenses to your car insurance premiums and credit. Contact our law firm to discuss your options.