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When your rights and perhaps your freedom are on the line, your attorney's experience matters. We'll put 20+ years of criminal law experience to work in your defense.

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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lancaster

Have you been charged with a crime such as drunk driving or drug possession? Are your vehicle operating privileges in jeopardy following a serious traffic offense or series of offenses? Are you facing jail time for a serious criminal offense? At the law firm of Steven L. Breit, Attorney at Law, Attorney Breit has been aggressively defending individuals in Lancaster and throughout central Pennsylvania for over 20 years.

Focused Practice, Diversity of Experience

When dealing with the police, prosecutor or district attorney, you need an experienced lawyer. Lancaster criminal defense attorney Steven L. Breit practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense, with emphasis on DUI, traffic violations and expungements. Attorney Breit is knowledgeable, upfront and aggressive in defending your rights:

  • DUI charges — If you have been charged with DUI (also known as DWI), you need to understand your options. A DUI conviction can carry with it severe consequences. Attorney Breit can explain your options and help you make informed choices about your future.
  • Traffic violations — Keeping your driver's license is important. Attorney Breit has been handling PennDOT licensing matters for over 20 years and is familiar with the procedures necessary to keep you on the road, whether in your personal or commercial vehicle.
  • Criminal law — Have you been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime? Are you being investigated by the police? Remember, you have the right to a lawyer, and this could be your best defense when facing serious charges. Make it the right lawyer before you talk to the police.
  • Expungements — Your criminal history record can haunt you for years if you don't take care of the matter yourself. Through criminal record expungement, you can make sure such records do not appear on criminal background checks. Attorney Breit can guide you through the expungement process.
  • Pardons — Is a prior conviction from decades ago keeping you from obtaining a professional license? Are you being denied credit due to an outdated conviction? Talk to Attorney Breit to determine if you are eligible for a pardon. We can assist in preparing your petition for clemency and guide you through the process.

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Get the help you need now to get back on the right track. Contact Attorney Breit by calling 717-393-7511 today. When you need legal counsel fast, Attorney Breit is available. He can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Attorney Breit's office is conveniently located in downtown Lancaster, next to the courthouse and other county offices. Evening and Saturday appointments are available.


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